Soldering station 48W - adjustable temperature | SGM1013

The FERM SGM1013 is an advanced soldering station and a must-have for the demanding craftsman. The temperature can be easily adjusted between 160 and 480 °C. This allows you to solder with precision and without damaging your workpiece. This soldering station has an overheating protection, a sturdy metal holder and an on/off switch with LED light. The soldering iron has a mica heating element, which guarantees a long service life and a fast heating time.

The design has been thought out very well. The SGM1013 is equipped with a practical sponge, a bolt with softgrip and a handy accessory drawer where you can store the replaceable soldering tips. The SGM1013 comes with a pointed and flat soldering tip, a sponge and 2 dispensers soldering tin with a diameter of 1mm and 1.5 mm, so you can get started right away!

- Mains voltage 220-240V~, 50Hz
- Input power 48W
- Temperature 160°C - 480°C

- Adjustable temperature
- Accessory drawer
- Overheat protection
- Mica heating element
- Replaceable tips
- Soft grip on bolt


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Includes: Flat tip - Point tip - Sponge - Solder wire Ø1.0mm - Solder wire Ø1.5mm
Availability: Ex-works + FOB

More Information
Gross weight 0.9500
Mains voltage 230V
Soldering temperature 160-480°C
Includes 1pc Point soldering tip, 1pc Flat soldering tip, 1pc Lead free solder wire 1.0mm, 1pc Lead free solder wire 1.5mm, 1pc Soldering sponge