High pressure cleaner 2200W - 170 bar | GRM1026

Easily and quickly clean your car, bike, boat, terrace or balcony with the FERM GRM1026 high pressure cleaner! This powerful machine has a power of no less than 2200 Watts, so you can easily remove mud, algae, moss or weeds. This reliable powerhouse also has a working pressure of up to 170 bar and a water output of no less than 420 litres per hour.

The integrated detergent tank makes it easy to add any detergent to the water. Through the detergent control knob you can easily adjust the amount of detergent to be added.

The attractively designed FERM high pressure cleaner is equipped with an automatic start/stop system and a pump housing made of high-quality aluminium. The stable machine comes standard with a 5 meter high pressure hose, 5 meter power cable, spray gun, adjustable pressure lance, water inlet connector (filter) a female hose connector and a cleaning pin.

The most important benefits of the FERM GRM1026:
- Powerful machine with 2200 Watt motor for the effortless removal of dirt
- Extra long range thanks to the 5 meter long high pressure hose and 5 meter long power cable
- Including adjustable spray lance for the removal of stubborn dirt
- Integrated detergent tank and control knob
- Easy to move: Thanks to the wheels and the convenient handle on the machine, you can easily drive the pressure washer to the desired place
- Ideal storage space for the cable, hose, high-pressure gun and adjustable spray lance
- The pump housing is made of high quality aluminium

- Mains voltage 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
- Power input 2200W
- Max. pressure 170 bar
- Max. waterflow 420 l/h

- Aluminium pump
- Auto stop system
- Build in detergent tank
- Detergent rate adjustment knob
- Accessory storage facility
- 5m water outlet hose
- 5m power cable


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Includes: Spray gun - Adjustable spray lance - Water inlet adapter with fi lter - Cleaning pin
Availability: FOB