Electric tacker - Incl. 400 staples & 100 nails | ETM1004

The ETM1004 Electric Tacker is very suitable for all kind of tasks, such as coating furniture or attaching carpet. Due to the high working speed of the tacker, any task wille be finished quickly!

FERM ETM1004 is a compact and easy to use model. With his ergonomic and sleek design you can work in every small corner with the ETM1004 electric staple gun. The 2m cable and impact controle gives you more user comfort.

The electric tacker is usable for staples (8-16mm) and nails (15-16mm). The FERM ETM1004 comes with 400 staples and 100 nails.

- Mains voltage 230V~, 50Hz
- Staple width 11.3mm
- Staple length 8-16mm
- Nail length 15-16mm

- Impact control wheel
- Anti-jam mechanism
- Compact design
- Safety switch


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Includes: 400 Staples 14mm - 100 nails 15mm
Optional Accessories: Nails 1500pcs ETA1005 (15mm) - Staples 2000pcs ETA1009 (8mm) - Staples 2000pcs ETA1010 (14mm)
Availability: Ex-works + FOB

More Information
Gross weight 1.7000
Max. working speed 20/min
Staple/nail length Staples 8-16mm / Nails 15-16mm
Staple width 11.3mm
Mains voltage 230V~
Frequency 50Hz
Includes 400 Staples 14mm - 100 Nails 15mm