Arc welder 55-160A with welding mask | WEM1035

- Mains voltage 230/400V~, 50Hz
- Welding current 400V max. 160A - 230V max. 140A
- Electrode thickness 2.0-4.0mm
- Welding cable 2.1m
- Earth cable 1.5m

- Current indicator
- Thermal cut-out with control lamp
- Suitable for use with either 230V~ or 400V~
- Forced cooling


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Includes: Welding mask - Scaling hammer/ Steel-wire brush -Quick instruction card
Optional Accessories: Electrodes 12pcs WEA1016 (2mm) - WEA1017 (2.6mm) - WEA1018 (3.2mm) - Electrodes 1kg WEA1011 (2mm) - WEA1012 (2.6mm) - WEA1013 (3.2mm)  Electrodes 5kg WEA1014 (2.6mm) - WEA1015 (3.2mm)
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More Information
Gross weight 22.1000
Mains voltage 230-400V~
Frequency 50Hz
Ignition voltage < 48V
Electrode thickness 2.0 - 4.0mm
Welding current 230V 55 - 140A
Welding current 400V 55 - 160A
Includes Welding mask - Scaling hammer / steel-wire brush - Quick instruction card
WEM1035_MANUAL (12.45 MB)